Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The Hus Guide to... moving house!

We love living our Cornwall lifestyle - and in case you missed them we've written some great 'Insider Guides to life in Truro and Falmouth. It's true we love the beach and we love where we live - and every week we're so pleased to move customers into their new homes around the county.
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But moving house can be hard. Although the move itself only takes up one day, the periond before and after can be emotionally and physically tiring. And of course the first thing that happens when you get your new look at piles of boxes and have no idea what to do with them all - or where to locate the kettle for an essential cuppa!

As well as moving home ourselves a few times, we talk lots to the people that we help find a dream Cornwall home. We've learned a few tricks along the way and are more than happy to share our guide to moving house in Cornwall with you.

Top of the list, the more you can decide beforehand, the less stress you will deal with on move day.

If you can, take photos of the home you're leaving behind – layout and placements will likely work for you from the old house to the new, but everything looks different in a new setting and just starting the task can be daunting.

Photo displays can be especially hard to replicate. So if you spent hours figuring out the perfect layout for family snaps in the hallway, chances are you will want to repeat the display in the new place. Taking a quick snap before you take them down will make the putting up in the new place a whole lot easier!

So, what else can we recommend to ease the stress on what can be a very tiring day?

Essentials crate
The minute you start to pack, make a ‘first day essentials’ crate. A large box for everyday essentials will be the last thing you take as you leave the house. From a kettle and teabags, to a favourite bedtime book or a spare bullet charger for your phone, these are the items that you will need as you unpack!

As move day can sometimes be delayed and make for a long day, make sure you pack snacks for the whole family, cereal bars for an emergency breakfast – and instant hot chocolate. There is nothing like hot food or a warming drink to make you feel like you’re at home!

Coloured tape
Work out what you will need first and pack these boxes you will need first with red tape – duvets and covers for bedrooms, phones and chargers for the office, pans and cutlery for the kitchen. 

Don’t slow yourself down trying to figure homes for everything as you unpack – just place boxes on counters and use disposable / picnic items for the first day or so if you can.

Party time
Packing and moving parties are the myth of TV sitcoms, but the chances are your friends or family will be glad to do something to help out. If you are moving a fair distance, ask someone to work out the route to drive there and load it to your sat nav. Or if you have a friend with time on their hands, ask them to find a list of numbers and addresses for the places you will need in those first stressful few days – directions to the local recycling area, the closest supermarket and corner shop and the number for a couple of local take aways!

Seriously – don’t pack them! Aside from furniture, clothes take up 4-6 vacuum bags per family member. If your movers are taking chests and wardrobes full, that’s great, but not everyone offers this service. If not, take a roll of extra large bin liners or large vacuum bags and roll clothes still on their hangers 8-12 items at a time. Only the very middle items will crease.

For chests, pack per person / per chest and shove it all in large, strong bags. Buy a cheap pack of flannels and pack these in with your clothes. If items are creased as you unpack, put them in the drier along with a couple of wet flannels for a 30 minute refresher cycle - creases be gone!

And if you're moving this summer - good luck! Enjoy your new home - and if you have a top tip that we missed please share with us on Twitter or Facebook!

If you'd like to be on the move and are looking for a valuation, the Hus team are always happy to help. Find our Property Search here