Wednesday, 19 March 2014

De-mystifying the buying and selling process #3: What to get ready when you decide you want to buy a house.

As anyone who has bought property can tell you the process is a stressful one. We all know that estate agents only act on behalf of the seller, and are looking for the most committed buyer at the highest price, however what people often forget is that in an increasingly optimistic market it is also a highly competitive process.

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With so many buyers on the prowl and limited stock levels, now more than ever you need to make sure you stand out from the competition and tip the odds in your favour if you want to secure the property of your dreams. If you have a house to sell, get it on the market as soon as you can and ideally get your house sold subject to contract before going out shopping to give yourself the best opportunity of rising to the top of the pile.
If you want to be the first person to hear about new properties agents need to know you are ready to buy. Expanding on this if you have got a mortgage agreed or have cash in the bank you are far more likely to get that call, if you haven’t then go see someone who can help you get this arranged as your competition will have already done so. Make sure your expectations are realistic; agents will soon spot those people whose search criteria will never amount to anything, do your research on prices and area and make sure you aren’t searching for the impossible.
A lot of agents are quite old school in their filing systems so be proactive and make contact regularly so you stay on the Hot Buyer Lists. You’ll find that you are evaluated and ranked from your first phone contact so while you may be loath to play into the hands of yet another shiny suited estate agent knowing the system and getting them onside could pay dividends.

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