Wednesday, 30 April 2014

De-mystifying the buying and selling process #5 - How to present your house outside for sale

We’ve covered the inside of your house but what about the real first impression that buyers make? Try standing outside your house and having a proper look for 30 seconds. Forget that you live here and put yourself in a potential purchaser’s shoes. Compare it to the neighbouring properties or better still compare it to what you think is the best looking house on the street (that is if you have neighbours! If not then looking at similar properties on the internet will do just as well). 
How are the gutters looking? Been meaning to give the windows a sand and a repaint for a while? Well it’s now or never. Pressure washing the front of the house and the approach is a good start as is making sure the windows are clean, letting as much light in as possible.  Sometimes however something a little more drastic from painting to re-rendering may be required.  
As for the front and back gardens themselves, a well-kept, thoughtfully laid out garden is a powerful incentive for many people when they are choosing a new property. It goes without saying that you should mow the lawns, weed everywhere, pressure wash patio areas and re-lay any wonky paving stones.  Not every house is lucky enough to have an abundance of mature ornamental plants and established trees but with spring upon us you could get some seasonal bedding plants in to add some instant colour.
A table on a deck looking out over a garden with wisteria and sub tropical plants

Garden buildings, everyone loves a shed, great for storage and for some even a safe haven. If you’ve got one spruce it up, a lick of paint, tidied up inside and a lock on the door is another ticked box for a potential buyer. The best tip for gardens is to go out of your way to make it as easy as possible for people to imagine themselves using it. Everyone uses their garden for different reasons, whether it be somewhere for the children to play, a veg patch or entertaining space. Make the most of what you have and make it easy for people to imagine enjoying the space with friends and family.

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