Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Writing a new chapter in a Newlyn home

The arrival of super-fast broadband and the rise in popularity in remote working gives many people the opportunity to make Cornwall their home.  Copywriters, Dee and Gerard are no exception.  

Following their marriage in 2009 at the beautiful Trereife House near Penzance, they "up'd sticks" from London and re-located to West Cornwall.  After a period of renting, they bought a 3 bedroom terraced house in the centre of busy fishing port, Newlyn.

A picture of Dee in the pantry and Gerard relaxing in their Newlyn home

Dee describes how, since 2009, the charming Edwardian House has been ‘lovingly restored.’ “We decided to update the house and bring it firmly into the 21st century” she revealed “It took a team of helpers to strip the house of the wood chip wallpaper, re-plaster and re-point. We removed gas fires, installed period cast iron fireplaces, renewed the electrics and generally ‘de-70’d it’.”  During the renovation, they even found a fire-place surround although, to their surprise, it was tucked under the lounge floorboards!  The house, which had been garishly decorated in the 1970’s has now been given a new lease of life and brightened up using contemporary neutral colours.

A picture of an Edwardian terraced house in Newlyn
The lounge in a Newlyn Edwardian Terraced house

Dee loves to cook in her light filled kitchen but confesses that the duel aspect loft is her favourite room.  “The views of Mounts Bay on one side with the harbour and town on the other, make it a fantastic room to work in” she said “Because of the nature of our business, we are in this room for so long, it’s inspirational to see the town busy at work whilst we write.”

They have a clear affection for Newlyn and the Mounts Bay area. ’There’s a great sense of community and solidarity in the road we live in and we will miss it very much”  Dee acknowledged.  In fact they love the area so much that they spend their spare time, along with a photographer friend, compiling a blog called the Penzance Post which captures the essence of Mounts Bay along with current events and activities.

Dee and Gerard decided that although they have clearly enjoyed making the house relevant and suited to the 21st century, the time has come for them to be nearer family.  So with a degree of hesitancy they have decided to move a little nearer the centre of Cornwall.  Dee concluded “We are very fond of this house and the neighbourhood, but the time is right for us to move and we won’t be too far away from the friends we have made”

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